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– for children up to 18 years old.

Every child is entitled to an Orthodontic consultation – No Referrals Necessary!”

Every child up to the age of 18 is entitled to an orthodontic assessment, which is covered by the NHS and conducted by a qualified orthodontist.

From the 1st April 2006, the Governments new arrangements for NHS orthodontic treatment came into force. The new arrangements are designed to target treatment for those with the greatest need. Only an orthodontist who has been trained in the Index of Treatment Needs (IOTN) only can assess this. As a result, mild cases where dental health is not affected and the health need does not fit the new criteria, orthodontic treatment cannot be provided under the NHS.

At the consultation we will assess your child’s need for treatment according to the new guidelines set out by the government. If your child falls into the appropriate level on the Index of Treatment needs, treatment can be provided under the NHS. If the case is considered mild then treatment can be completed privately and we can discuss options and costs with you

london orthodontist wandsworth

london orthodontist

FAQ's on NHS orthodontics: What is the effect of the new dental contract?

All treatment provided under the NHS is for standard treatments.If your child is interested in cosmetic/aesthetic options of orthodontics then this will need to be provided privately and the total cost is payable by the parents.

What is IOTN?: The Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need is now used by the NHS to decide which cases are severe enough to warrant treatment funded by the NHS

orthodontist london wandsworth
London orthodontist
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london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
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