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Congratulations on having had your braces fitted.  This is something to be proud of and therefore to be meticulous in protecting and cleaning.  Expect some discomfort for the first 1-2 week.  Taking painkillers should help, but the tenderness will soon disappear.


1)   Brushing is more important than ever.  Be sure to concentrate on the area between the braces and the gums.  This is where the PLAQUE collects and will cause unsightly staining if not regularly removed. Please remember that it is the invisible plaque that causes the trouble and not food that you can see in your braces. Brushing time is a minimum of 6 Minutes, 3 Minutes with Normal brush and 3 minutes with Interspace brush.

2)   Use the small interspace brush to clean between the tooth and the wire, up against the brackets.  No toothpaste is needed for this, but check in a mirror that you are not missing any areas. For the lower front teeth, it may be necessary to hold your lip out with one hand whilst brushing.

3)   You can use a manual orthodontic brush or an electric toothbrush with special orthodontic head. These assist better cleaning as you are able to thoroughly clean the teeth with much less effort. 

4)   Between meals, any foods that contain sugar especially fizzy drinks should be strictly avoided! Meal times are not as critical and normal diet can be followed.

5)   You must avoid STICKY FOODS. These include GUM, TOFFEE, CHEWITS and other SWEETS, as this weakens the bond and causes breakages of your brace. Also avoid BITING into foods as this can cause breakages as well. Cut these foods using a knife (e.g. APPLES, PEARS, DRUM STICKS) or break them up with your fingers (e.g. BREAD, SANDWICHES) into small bite size pieces. Avoid very HARD or CRISPY foods altogether (e.g. BRAZIL NUTS, PORK CRACKLING).

6)   In general keep objects such as pencils, pens and fingernails out of the mouth.  Do not fiddle with the braces.

7)   Should you suffer from any mouth ulcers or have any sharp bits digging into your lips or cheeks, use some of the dental wax or/silicone material available from the front desk.  Dry the bracket and tooth causing the trouble and mould the material around it as if using "plasticine".

With your cooperation we will achieve the best result possible.  Be sure to visit your dentist every six months during treatment - WE DO NOT CHECK FOR OTHER DENTAL PROBLEMS ROUTINELY.

Be sure to keep all your appointments on time so that there is no delay to your treatment.

Notify us immediately if appliances become loose or broken.


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london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
london orthodontist wandsworth
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